Plastic Coasters

First attempt at plastic coaster inserts. These will be glued into a black acrylic base, either circular or square.

The coasters were made from either black/white or white/black 2 layer plastic. Milling down 0.012" reveals the other color. I used 0.125", 0.0625" end mills and a V-bit 90.

I mounted a PVC plate to my waste board with threaded inserts and then trammed it flat. For the first 2 coasters I drilled holes through them and a thin waste board and screwed them down, which worked well. For the other ones I used double sided tape, which also worked well. The tape is a little easier and can be removed from the backs with Goo Gone.

I use Cheton’s CNC program, which has worked very well.

For my Z-Probe I use a piece of 0.003" thick copper tape.

Custom enclosure and LED lighting.

“Elegant K”, “Punisher Bolt”, “Double Tap”, Elegant L"