Play in Router attachment?

I’ve been using 1mm carbide end mills for several projects but today I broke 2 with the same feeds, speeds and cutting material (brass). I noticed that there was a little play in the router holder:

So if I lift up (slightly) the aluminium router holder it moves up a bit. Also the black plate to which it’s attached moves backwards by the same amount.

I’m wondering if this is normal or do I need to tighten something? The two screws in front in the aluminium holder are tight.

Many thanks

there are two screws in the back of it (you need to disassemblet he thing to get to them) that will go loose if you hit certain “crashes” (it happens to me when my workholding goes loose and the thing goes rotating around)

easy to fix but must be fixed, it will otherwise only get worse, and it causes miscuts

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There are strategic holes in the plates which should afford access to all the screws involved.

Most likely it’s the eccentric V wheels, please see:

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yeah the real question first is is the whole Y assembly moving, or just the aluminum that holds the router

if its’t he later there’s 2 screws in the back of it that hold it to the plate, and those might need tightening after a crash (been there done that)

if the whole thing moves yeah it’s vwheels or similar

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Thank you, that video was very helpful. I’ll give it a whirl :slight_smile:

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Thank you for responding… I’ll report back on results :slight_smile:

So I followed the video for tightening the eccentric nuts and that did the job perfectly! Brilliant video, thank you!

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