Playing with PhotoVcarve

I bought PhotoVcarve Sat.
The Photos come out Great! So easy too.
I did my son and the dog on a scrap, oak, dresser drawer, part.
I did my Wife and her Family on a big 17"X19" piece of plywood.
Then I inverted one of my wife and I, from 21 years ago, on 4"X6"X6mm piece of plexiglass.
I bet the plexiglass would look cool with window tint behind it, and on a lit stand.
If anyone needs the feeds and speeds, & tool (60 and 90 deg. v bit), I can look them up.


Here’s a “Before” picture of the dog.
I could hardly see anything, then I put the stain on, then wiped it off, and wow!


Amazing Jerry, I’m not ready for this yet but it is definitely in the future.

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How long does it take to carve?

The big picture took between 35, and 50 minutes.
Here are some screenshots of the parameters, and toolpath info.


The one of my son, where I was able to exclude the background, only took 6 minutes!

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I now this is a old topic, but what post processor do you use.

A while ago, I have tried some as Photo VCarve comes with VCarve Pro 10 I was stoked but did not get good results like yours. I used paint, not stain and maybe it is one of the reasons. I was not impressed, maybe I did not have the right parameters. Can you share your parameters like DOC? Edit, I saw the VCarve window with parameters.

I used Gcode inch. The g code file extensions need to be one of the following .gc, .gcode, .ngc, or .tap.
one thing i learned doing these, is to make your plunge 100% of your feed, to speed things up, and keep you safe height low, especially with the ones that use dots to make a photo.

Thanks for the advice, I’m just getting started in all this. I ended up contacting Vectric and they sent me a link for shapeoko PostP file in inch and mm.