Please Help With CM 637 3D Rendering Test

We just posted CM 637 at Carbide Motion Beta Downloads . We added an OpenGL-based rendering test to the Inspect Toolpath window and we’d like to see if there are problems with it in the wild.

It’s not even a feature yet, much less usable, but we need to get testing feedback before going further.

We had a ton of OpenGL trouble with Windows when we first added the simulation view to Carbide Create. A lot of time has passed, so we’re hoping that any remotely modern PC will run this code without trouble now.

[EDIT: 638 fixes the crash in the first release in 637 for Windows computers]
[EDIT: 639 fixes a bug in the arc length calculation for time estimates]

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Works good on Windows 10 Microsoft Surface pro 3 w/ I7


Will it work in the Pi version?

The desktop build is OpenGL 3.3 and the Pi only supports OpenGL ES2, so it requires code changes to work on a Pi. We’ll jump into that after we see what the Windows tests look like.


Seems to work just fine on my early 2015 MacBook Pro


We found a crash in 637, which should be fixed in the latest build: Carbide Motion Beta Downloads

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That’s a great strategy to get people to test it…crash if they DON’T select it! :slight_smile:

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This happened in both 637 and 638:
Everything works well the first time when viewing the preview.
After clicking done, and you go to view the preview again the 3d view is gone.
Everything else is viewable like the G-code, top, front, iso view…

Machined the file with both 637 and 638 with no problems.

(Lenovo AIO 3 desktop running windows home 11)

No problems to report so far.

Tried CM 639 everything worked, The top, front and iso view seem to look bigger which is nice.

Ran a small advanced v carve program, that too went as expected.


Thanks, John.

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