Please let us turn off the corner picking in V-Carve, Adv. V-Carve

I just did a simple Advanced V-Carve on 8 rectangles with filleted ends. There should be no sharp (non-tangent) corners, there for nothing to pick out. The toolpath spent more time picking out non-existent corners than it did V-Carving.

It appears that V-Carve & Advanced V-carve follow a pattern of…
V-Carve the selected vectors
Clean out the corners that the clearing tool missed with the Vee bit (AVC only)
Pick out the corners that are sharper than the vee-bit at that depth, using XYZ (3D) motion.

For a job like this picture, or say a rounded text, there is no need to pick out corners. It may do it because the geometry is not perfectly tangent, or possibly a tolerance used to convert curves into linear moves??? Either way, it’s really painful to watch the machine wasting so much time.

I did alternate 4 vectors in each path to avoid it uniting/welding them into one shape.

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My understanding is that everything gets converted into polylines, then the polylines are parsed to determine the actual cut — everything being polylines makes it more difficult to detect that things are cut or not cut (vast oversimplification).

Perhaps then a minimum/maximum angle that get picked. These corners appear to by tangent. When converted to polylines I expect the angle is probably something just slightly less than 180°. Setting a max pick out angle to 178°, or perhaps even something like 150° on jobs we know don’t need to be picked out.

Or, even the original request, If I KNOW I have no sharp corners to pick out, i.e. I don’t want it to pick out corners, let me turn it off & just don’t run that section of the code. ??

There’s already a min/max angle built in, but if you upload your file, we’ll add it as a test case to look at the code again.


Drawer_dividers.c2d (80 KB)

It’s the last 2 Advanced V-Carves.

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