Please share dimensions of s3 zplate

Can someone share the drawing and dimensions of the new Z plate? Like to prepare the change of my dust suction setup while the plate is on order…

Or better jet… is there a 3d model of the s3 available? .step file?

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There is a Fusion 360 model at that has been offered for free download in one of their YouTube tutorials ( I used that one to construct limit switch and drag chain holders.

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A nice. Thanks. Can’t check it now (on my phone) does it have the new Z plate? Anyhow very usefull…

Oh cool. There’s a f360 app. Just had a look and it has the old plate…
If nobody else does it I’ll add the new plate to the model after I get it.

Any chance you made a model of the new Z-plate you’d like to share? :smiley: