Plywood edge finishing help

Real quick,

Doing some 1/2in ply signs / lettering. I sand the hell out of the edge and it does turn out okay but of course the ply is still slightly visible.

How do you guys / gals get it to the point where stain / paint goes on smooth or at least harder to see.

I know there is banding, I haven’t tried it and it doesn’t seem like a TON of extra work but I was wondering if there is anything else?

Thanks y’all!

maybe spray a nice coat of sand-able primer on the edge and then sand smooth? This would only work if you plan to paint them and not stain them.

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Not bad. Been staining the bottom layer first usually but have been thinking about painting too soon. We’ll try it

You’re fighting a losing battle my friend. The end-grain of every-other layer of ply will never finish the same as the other layers. If you use REALLY nice baltic-birch ply, sand, wet it (to raise the grain), dry it, then sand again, and paint it it can come out “not bad”.

Edge banding is probably the least-worste answer. The iron-on stuff is really easy to put on, I use it a ton when I build cabinets.


Yea that’s what I figured would be the answer. Just new to the game and was making sure of my options. Appreciate it!

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Sounds strange, but spackle. It’s a lot of work. Pack it along the edge, leaving “more than you would think” then sand to a good surface. It’s easier and less expensive than a wood filler. Hit it with a primer, let it dry, then paint. You should get a pretty even surface. It’s a lot easier to use banding and an iron, but sometimes depending on the curve you can’t pull that off.


Yea I actually bought some last night to try (the pink stuff that finishes white) will try it out this weekend and see what happens

I really like “Crack Shot”. Yes, it’s really called that. I find the pink stuff doesn’t dry hard enough :frowning:


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