Pneumatic Wall Mounted CNC Table Build

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Well then, look what showed up today! Nothing like finding 100bf of walnut for $3.75 a board foot.

Looks like I have A LOT of jointing ahead of me.

Stay tuned this is happening!


Finished up with final-ish measurements in Sketchup and I glued up one of the vertical panels / uprights that will serve as the primary supports for the the weight of a torsion box, CNC, and future-enclosure. Tearing into the wall tomorrow!


Mark, I assume you will have a panel not showing on the side. You placed the Shapeoko sideways in the enclosure and you may have a good reason for that but the left hand side had the controller and the wiring. Will this restrict you full access without having to move the Shapeoko? If you place the Shapeoko with the back against the wall, you will have better access to the controller and wiring.

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@luc.onthego thanks for noticing! I put ALOT of thought Into that… and I did that for 3 reasons.

First, If I were to rotate the the other way I could not build the torsion box out of standard 48” Wide sheet goods and have enough room on all 4 sides to drop an enclosure Over the top. Also, It’s ultimately Stud spacing Plus hardware bracket thickness that ultimately control the width of the table, so it’s either ~48” or ~64” wide.

Second, mounting it this way allows me slightly more room in my Home office to tile along the Y Axis. You’ll see at the end of the screen capture that I can slide something through about 39” wide between the Y- extrusions without hitting anything.

Third, the only way to enclose with the S3 rotated would be to relocate the controller and I don’t want to do this

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Whelp this got a whole lot more annoying today. Random 24” and 12” stud spacing for where I’m intending to mount this thing. Going to have to come up with a clever way to sister the studs (avoiding the electrical conduits) and install a new studs where it needs to go. I hate metal wall framing.

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Curious what the purpose of the Digital angle gauge is sitting on top your stepper motor on the right? Or is that just a convenient storage space?


Nailed it in 1 guess!

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Lol, I thought you were measuring x axis deflection during operation!