Pocket around stars

Sorry for this stupid question, but I’m pretty new to Carbide Create. I created the star inlays in the picture. Now I want to pocket around them so I can cut them out with a band saw. I put larger circles around each one, and selected them and chose a pocket toolpath. The simulation shows that it pockets the star as well. I tried to union them but then the star disappears. I tried to Boolean subtract, but then the circle goes away.

What would be the best way to accomplish this?

I don’t use Carbide Create, so not sure how to do what you’re looking for. But why cut the stars out on the band saw? Just create a toolpath to cut out the stars, using some good work holding or tabs to make sure the stars don’t move while you’re cutting them out. Band saws are great, and I have one too, but this type of operation is much better IMO on the CNC.


I can’t quite see your file in my head, but basically, you have the outline of the stars and an additional circle drawn around each? You’re wanting to pocket between the outline of each circle and its star, yes? That should be as easy as selecting both the circle and the star inside it when you make your toolpath, as Carbide Create will pocket the space between the inner and outer outlines.

Is that what you were trying, or were you only selecting the circles? If you select an outline to pocket, Carbide Create will pocket the entire are inside it. If you select nested outlines, it will pocket between them.

Best answer, use different software.
V-Carve, F-Engrave, and Easel can all do this easily.

In Carbide Create:

Thank you Nathanial! That got me fixed up. For some reason (stupidity?), I never thought to click on the circle AND the star. The simulation appears to be what I am looking for. Can’t wait to get into the shop and test it out. Thanks again!

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