Pocket tool path, user error?

Hello all, I’ve got a question that I assume is user error. I’m doing a pocket tool path with a 1/8" compression bit. Simulation shows correct, however when I run it, it acts more like a contour path. Any ideas? I’ve included a picture and screens hot of the settings.

Thanks in advance

What version and build of Create are you using?

Build 741 on CC and 566 on CM

Grab the latest from Download Carbide Create and resave your file. I suspect it’ll fix the error.

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Downloading now sir, thanks!

No dice sir, I took a video as well. Still clearing the inside of the pocket second.

Post the file? We’ll do our best to look into it.

Thanks Will - I’m just trying to figure out if I did something wrong. I went with really slow speed trying not to break the bridge to hold the inside of the A together.

Custom - A blu doodle boxes.c2d (1.0 MB)

Try this — inset the geometry a bit:

Then apply the pocket to that:

Then do an inside contour on the original geometry:

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