Pocket Toolpath going off center

Hey Everyone, My latest dilema is when I toolpath a large pocket with a 3/4 inch mortising bit to route out a pocket on a large sign. The pocket is 7 passes about 1.5 mm each pass on a circle as wide as 16 inches. I have had trouble with the bit wandering off cneter on the 6 or 7 pass so much so that it will carve an slowly widening elipse instead of a circle.

Any suggestions?

I’m assuming that you’re getting wider along the x axis, Using a 3/4" bit for pocketing, you are over powering the x axis motor. In the Y axis, you have two motors, or twice the power to control the cutting bit, the X axis only has the one.

Use a smaller bit, Haste makes waste.

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You don’t say what machine you’re on, but assuming you are belt drive. Check/replace your belts, v-wheels, and motor pulley. Stretched belts, loose v-wheels, and slipping motor pulleys can all create oddly shaped cuts, which I can attest to from experience :slight_smile:

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Thank you everyone, sorry Ive been away. I’ll try the suggestions!