Pocket with 45° walls....HOW?

Is it possible to make a square pocket cut and have 45° angle sloped walls? If so, how do you do it? Thanks alot in advance

I may be misunderstanding, but you could do a pocket and finish with a 90° V-bit.

What software?
In Create Pro, you’d do this easily with an advanced V-Carve.
In Create (non-Pro), you’d make a pocket and follow up with a 90° bit on an offset contour.
V-Carve woud just be a V-Carve.
Easel (non-pro) like Create (non-pro).
Easel Pro would be a two stage carve with the 90 as the detail bit.
Fusion 360 would be setup kind of like Create (non-pro).
F-engrave could do it just like Pro or V-Carve.

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I would cut the pocket with a regular end mill, then use a 90deg v-bit and run an inside profile cut, but tell the g-code generating program the bit is only 0.01" diameter. Then it will just cut inside that profile and give you a 45deg wall.


Sorry Niel,

I do have CC Pro and I’ll try that and see how it works out


I’m gonna try that out as well and post to to show you how it came out

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I don’t think Advanced VCarve is a CC Pro feature. It just requires regular CC and a BitSetter.

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That second part is the step I needed… thanks!

If you want the corners of the sloped walls to be square then I think you need an advanced V-carve.

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