Pocketing for the letter "O"

Hey all,

Being that I am new to CNC and the Shapeoko setup, I am trying to do a monogram of a couple of letters. LFO to be exact. I had no problem with the L and F, but the O is giving me grief. I want to pocket it but leave the center. Right now, it is just pocketing the whole thing. The way its setup in CC makes the center look like a rectangle, so I tried overlaying one but that didn’t work. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!



Seems pretty straightforward:

Any more info about what font, what tool etc?

Sounds as though the O isn’t a double line. What I do is create a DXF or SVG of what I want and import it into CC. This should create the correct orientation of the double line for the project. (If what I think you are describing is correct)

Sometimes it is best to upload the file, so we see exactly what the problem is.

Here is the file, I had already uploaded it but no dice on getting it to work. I am using an 1/8" straight bit

When creating the pocket for the “O” you need to select both the inner and outer lines of the character. The pocket will be between the two lines, if there is enough space for the bit. It appears you only selected the outer line.


@LWSIV is correct.

If you select both the outside of the O and the inside (the counter):

then the pocket will exclude the counter:

Thanks for the info! How do you select two lines at once?

Never mind, I got it. Looks to be shift + click on the Mac. Thanks to all of you for the help.


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