Pocketing - Raised letter sign

I am trying to make a raised letter sign. I created the contour tool path to cut around my letters and that works great. But now, I’m trying to pocket out the rest of the sign out to the edges and around what was already contoured.

When I click on pocket with the letters selected, the pocket wants to cut out the letters.

I thought, maybe I need a border on the outside of the sign to create a literal pocket, but I don’t want a border.

Thanks for the assistance

you just need to draw the box for the toolpath… it’s not something that has to end up in the design

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Oh gosh! That’s it! Thank you so much.

I see in the simulation that I’m not cutting over the edge in places. Especially the corners. Do I need to make the board larger to get a clean edge cut?

not the board… the square that you draw that you use to clear the area should be 1/2 a tool diameter larger than your work (to avoid weird corners)

such “helper squares” are not limited to the work piece in CC… they can go over and that’s actually quite a normal thing to do

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You have made my day! So easy, but not very intuitive. Thanks a ton Arjan!

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