Pocketing - Uncut Islands

I’m working on some Advanced V Carve inlays for Christmas presents. When I go it make the inlay portion I follow the steps outlined here (https://community.carbide3d.com/t/using-advanced-vcarve-in-carbide-create-461-to-make-inlays/), I get uncut portions of the pocket that the tool paths miss. This leaves islands that are sticking up to the stock height once everything else is finished.

I’ve found if I lower the stepover to 40-50% of the tool it works better, but not perfect. This does increase the cut time significantly though. I would like to stay at 80% of the tool diameter, but this requires me to take a chisel to the pieces after cutting, which can be difficult if they are inside the tight portions of my design.

I wasn’t able to find other threads with this issue, but I may not have thought of the right search terms. I also haven’t updated carbide create for a couple months, so it may have already been fixed.

Please post the file here, or send in the .c2d file to support@carbide3d.com along with a screen grab depicting the difficulty you are having.

Ok. I’ll put it up when I get home this afternoon.

Here is an example. It starts right in the center and the spacing is such that it leaves a long vertical straight piece uncut.

Hill Insert.c2d (335.3 KB)

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The long uncut pieces have been reported before — usually increasing stepover will address it.

If you get a file where that won’t work, let us know.

I’ve put yours up in our tracking system for a developer to look into.

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