Pocketing with a Vbit?

I have been doing flags and Vbit cutting the stars into the wood. And cutting the stripes in the wood with an endmill. I want to try a new method and have raised stars and stripes. Can I use a Vbit to run a pocket toolpath for the union and cut the union away leaving the stars? I assume it needs to be a Vbit to get the sharp points in and around the stars. Thanks for your help as always!

Small round nose would work much better than vbit. Or even flat. Points would be sharp, inside corners radius of the bit…

Three options that I’m aware of:

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You can cut raised stars with sharp outside edges with a pocketing operation with say a 1/8" endmill followed by a outside right toolpath of the stars with a 1/16". The inside v s will have the slight radius.

Note start with an outside right toolpath with the 1/16" bit if you have issues with chipping of grain on edges. And then proceed to cut out your pocket.

Everything in the blue circle was pocketed leaving the detail raised during my carve.


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