Point in the right directiom

I have a project to make a wall clock

,The drawing below has a top face piece as the drawings below.Can this be done on shapeoko,I have not used the pro yet so not sure of the limits.


Hi @Graham,

The largest part seems to be 460mm x ~250mm so this is doable on any of the XL of XXL Shapeoko models, which have a bit less than ~32" / 800mm travel on X, and 400mm (XL) or 800mm (XXL) on Y.

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Hi Julien,Would I need to use the v carve pro to do that arch over the top?

It’s unclear (to me) if that arch is 2.5D or is more curvy / real 3D.
For 2.5D you could do it with using the features in Carbide Create (standard version) using vector outlines and toolpaths at different cut depths.
For 3D, you could use Carbide Create Pro or MeshCam or VCarve or a number of other CAM solutions, there is a large range of price vs features options.
Since CC is free, I would start there and see if you get away with doing that clock using 2.5D toolpaths (@WillAdams is known for doing magic with CC, he will chime in I’m sure)

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