Polycarbonite PVC Board

(Loren Baric) #1

I’ve been using PVC board from Lowes for quite a few of my designs. I really like the way it cuts with very little cleanup. It comes in various width’s up to 9.25 inches by 16 foot lenghts. Here’s a few examples:



I'm trying to find two-color plastic material for engraving
(Neil Ferreri) #2

What’s your method for painting the PVC? How do you handle the exposed edges?
Thanks for sharing!

(Loren Baric) #3

Missed the logo on the mororcycle one

(Loren Baric) #4

I sand the top with rough sandpaper to make the paint stick a little better. Then do the cut.
Then i spray paint the cuts and do the top finish coat with a small roller.
Then clear coat the whole thing.
Dont really do anything with the sides except paint with the small roller