POP-UP menu stating CM needs V7 file

Hi All,
I just ran projects yesterday and all was fine. Now today I get a pop-up message that Carbide Motion needs V7 files.

Carbide Create Build 757
Carbide Motion Build 618

What could have changed? Are there new updates? If so … Where ?

Thanks for any help ~KAP

You need to File | Save as a v7 file, or write out a .c2d file with Toolpaths from the Toolpath menu.

If you have a v6 file, open it in v7, check the toolpaths and 3D preview and re-save it before sending it to the machine.

CC Pro only saves it as a .c2d file. All my files are from CC Pro 757, is that not V7?
If it worked yesterday why not today?

There is a menu option to export as a v6 file — did you use that?

Post the .c2d file here? (or e-mail it to support@carbide3d.com)

RUDDER1-16 THK REV-A(1).c2d (72 KB)

One of those files has:

   "minimum_build_num": 524,

Open both in Carbide Create v7 and resave, then try sending.

Is it this file? Do I have the latest updates of CC Pro & CM?


That is a v7 file, and should work in a current version of Carbide Motion.

Thanks for the help and sorry to bother you with such small issues. I did what you said and it worked. I have no idea why it saved it any thing other then a V7 .c2d file. I never used any other file formats.

Cheers ~KAP

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