Possibility to check position

I use the Shapeoko since years and like it. In parallel I have a CO2 laser and learnd some nice features which can be helpful for the CNC too.
The Laser gave me the opportunity to check if my work piece is plased right by the “Frame” feature.

If the CNC can do that with either a given Z-Axis position (or a selectable) it, it sometimes has saved either the worpiece or the cutter because I had several times placed the working piece wronge.

I had the opportunity to test the Shaper Origin and what I liked there: I can place the machine over a given point of the workpiece before starting the job, to see if this is the right starting point.

So at the end two whishes:

  • possibility to check with an outer frame if I come not in conflict with clamps and the position of the working piece is ok
  • possibility to have at least one dedicated point in my CAD data which I can mark on my working piece and which I can check by let the CNC go to this X-/Y Position.

This can be done with carbide motion.

There is a video to help explain the new version 635. :+1:

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I’ve been hoping for the frame feature in the hobby CNC world for a long time. It gives such peace-of-mind and should not be hard to implement in software… but there are some difficulties going from laser → CNC (i.e. ability for bit to run into material)

What an amazing feature this would be.

In Carbide Motion, specifically?

Yes, in Carbide Motion. Basically a quick rectangle just before you start your cut to outline the limits of your piece (shows if your material is big enough/job is placed correctly/nothing crazy should happen)

A work-around for this is to:

  • define stock thickness as thicker by the height at which you wish to make this pass
  • define a rectangle which cuts very shallowly at the surface of the material at a very quick speed
  • define all toolpaths so that they have a Start Depth which makes up for the difference

The requirement that one clear work holding shows the complexities/difficulties/concerns.

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