Possible BUG with networking a tablet to CM4

I just got set up with CM4/GRBL 1.1 yesterday and the first thing I did was connect my table to CM4 remotely via the network feature.

When I used my tablet to operate the JOG functions the following is what happened.

the jogging window was displayed on my iPad
I tapped the X- button once but CM4 reacted as though I was holding my finger on the button and not releasing.
I then tapped on the X+ button to stop it and CM4 reacted as though I was again holding my finger on the button.
This was true of all the movement button for XYZ.

All the other screens seem to operate with single button taps just like they would if I was controlling them from my laptop.

Which browser were you using on what version of iOS?

Safari iOS 11.2 …