Post Processor from Aspire?

I am using Aspire 9.5 and having trouble with the post. I am using GRBL (*gcode) and getting some strange results. Also, when I was using Artcam the extention was .nc. Just need some help choosing the right post.


Open the post-processor up and change:

POST_NAME = "Grbl (mm) (*.gcode)"



POST_NAME = "Grbl (mm) (*.nc)"


and save under a suitable name.

What sort of strange results?

I use aspire version 8, and have never had any issues with the grbl (mm) post processor. I design in metric, the post processor is in metric and my machine is metric. Have you double checked all yours are set to he same standard?

The other thing to check is whether you have the grbl-arcs postprocessor selected, because I don’t think the shapeoko board supports arcs.

I’m sure someone has created a shapeoko 3 post for aspire, I can’t remember where it was though, maybe in the other shapeoko forums?

Grbl supports G2/G3 arcs.

Yes, there was a post-processor worked up for Photocarve for the Nomad and posted here, and I think there are others, but they’re all on the wiki which is still down last I checked.

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