Post Processor Issues

I’ve been using Fusion 360 for the last couple of years for everything from turning, milling, 3D printing. In the last year or so I’ve moved into multiple tool change programs and had to use macros that I got from @Luke blog and they have always worked great. Now the issue, last month my hard drive crashed. I was lucky enough to have a back up of all my programs and models but not my post processor I was using.

I have used @Strooom processor from github but it doesn’t support M6 for my tool changes, but I love the info it provides at the header of the program with number of tools, the order of operations and operation run times.

When I use the Carbide3d post on fusion it brings Z to G28 Z0 and hits a soft limit when I try to use the TLO macro from 1
I didn’t have this problem before the hard drive crash. Now I’m wondering if anyone has found or made a post processor has expanded on what @Strooom did with his processor and added tool change or added the header program info on to the carbide3d processor?


Hi Anthony,

I never used the Strooom version, but you may want to check @neilferreri’s post-processor available in this thread:

It supports M6 tool changes (and many other cool features) and is quite popular around here (not to mention that you will get support from Neil himself, should you encounter any problem)

It’s been my Fusion360 PP from day one, and I never had to try anything else.


So… You’re the one that reads the gcode comments. :wink:



Wouldn’t it be nice though if the software that sent the GCode to the machine showed them to the user or something like that…



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