Post processor question with shapeoko 5

a shapeoko post-processor is pre-loaded in my V-carve Pro software. With my Avid CNC, I can save all my toolpaths to one file, and then Mach4 stops and prompt me every time there is a tool change.
The Shapeoko post processor that comes pre-install with Vectric’s VCarve pro / doesn’t support tool changing. So I have to save a different G-code files every time there is a tool change.
Is it normal, or do I have an older post processor? If is elect “save visible toolpaths to one file”, it will give me an erro message saying " The visible toopaths use different tools and the selected post processor does not support tool changing"


If you continue to have difficulties, check in w/ Vectric tech support.

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@Somewhereinla Fabrice, check out @neilferreri post processors for Vectrics and Fusion 360. I use them and they definitely support separate and multi-tool path save into a single .nc file. I think there are links somewhere on here.

This post is almost a year old but for anyone who comes across it, the Vectric series of software has a newer post processor called “Carbide Motion ATC” that supports the BitSetter and thus it may support similar devices on other brands.