Post Your Crummy Enclosures!

I’ve seen a few threads that have people showing off their awesome custom enclosures. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to post the absolute garbage enclosures that they threw together before building the awesome one.

I’ll start! This is the enclosure I whipped up this evening, just to get me through making christmas clocks.


I had almost the same one before I needed the plastic for a paint project. Never put it back up. You win for the corner joinery, though!


OK, you win! :smiley:

I just ordered my XXL, so I’m right behind you at the dollar store buying plastic drop cloth! :smiley:

Look at those precision cuts around the rails! :smiley:

And the duct tape corners! :smiley:

pink foam insulation board, pvc pipe, and recycled louver panels. sadly the temporary has lasted a lot longer than it should.


I tried this, and ended up regretting it. I was in another part of my basement while a job was running and one of the clamps holding the tarp slipped off. The router instantly sucked the tarp up and locked the router spindle. The router was dead even though I stopped it immediately.

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Crikey! I’ll keep an eye on mine. I only have a few more clocks to make.

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