Power brick holder - idea

I have designed and made this holder for the SO3 power supply and I am considering either making them for sale.

This is a working prototype installed on my machine printed in ABS/ASA at a higher layer height for speed, but if I sell these I am going to make them out of a resilient resin that will improve strength and surface finish. Let me know if there is any interest via PM or reply to the thread.

** UPDATE** Design has been finalized. See digital version that represents file product.
These will be up on my etsy store in different formats and materials later today be sure to check it out.
PM for link to store if interested.

I may be offering the STL file for self printing as well physical printed items in FDM ASA and a Resilient Resin “no layer” version.


These are FDM 3d printed in ASA, different layer configurations availalbe.

Resilient resin printed “Durable no-Layer”


Nice design and good idea but let me say something of course just in my opinion.

The design is quite specific for the 80/40 or 80/20 extrusion as ist looks like and this is a maker forum. So I would say for 80% of us it’s not a hassle to design and make something simple like this really quick. It would be kind from you to share your design so not everybody has to do the effort making it from scratch but selling it ¯_(ツ)_/¯…


By all means please design one ane post it online and send me the link to compare notes.

I wonder if I can ask my lawyer to give me advice out of the kindness of his heart. After all it is just a quick question.

I consider that everyone should be rewarded for their hard work. If you do not agree like you said, that is your opinion.

For everyone else, who has messaged me, thank you for your messages.

A few things to mention.
This will work with 80/20 since I am developing some other improvements for the SO3 around that platform. However this mount can go any flat surface.

There you go :smiley:

two holders one for extrusion one for flat surfaces. the extrusion one just uses one screw and holds against the rotation by securing it inside the grove.

with a good tweaked 3d printer both can be printed without support or just use support on the second one. 0,2mm layer height would be recommended.

my powerbrick is 55x31mm thats the inner dimension. if somebody would like to change i can post the original 3d design as well.

Powerbrick flat.stl (47.2 KB) Powerbrick_holder extrusion 40:8.stl (25.8 KB)


Fist post updated with some information regarding design.
Thanks guys,

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