Power button not illuminated?

Finished setting up my Pro this evening. Only issue so far is the power button does not illuminate. Anyone have a similar issue?

Hey sorry to hear. I had the same problem as well. I loosened/removed the belt tensioner and removed the faceplate with the power button, and checked the wire connections to the power button
(undid them and re-plugged them back in again) This fixed my problem and hopefully will yours as well. Good luck!

Don’t worry, other than the belt tensioner, it is easy to pull off and put right back on.

Did you try that, did it work? Mine is off but machine has power

Yes I had the same issue, contacted support and they suggested removing the faceplate with the power button and put electrical tape on the connections. Some pins may be in contact with the bolt securing the Y extrusion causing the LED not to light up.

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