Power supply and torque

Related to the torque issues that were brought up in Insufficient Spindle Power?, while drilling tiny holes in Al I may have blown a fuse or something similar. Even under zero load the LEDs are very dim, and the spindle stutters as it turns on.

Is this something to do with the DC power supply or are there internal components that need replacing? Also, the nut above the cutting head popped off, and setting the torque on that seems to be crucial for proper torque transmission. Is there a rating for that?

Please contact us at support@carbide3d.com if you haven’t already — if you have, please be patient, we’ll respond as quickly as we can as we work through the queue from the weekend.

This happened with my Nomad 3 and Carbide3d ended up needing to replace the spindle. It was disappointing but they took care of it pretty quickly!

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