Powering the Carbide Controller

As noted elsewhere I need to swap out my old unsupported Sparkfun controller for the Carbide controller that came with my XXL upgrade. The main issue (IMHO) is the power connector on the controller board.

I ordered the expensive, expensive slow boat Chinese supply

But being the impatient type I am wondering why folks haven’t tried an adapter for standard supplies

The adapter would allow me to use my existing 24V supply I think. Has anybody tried this?

These power supplies are wired up in a lot of different ways — make sure you get the polarity right.

So I bought this adapter. Can somebody with access to a Carbide power supply and a multimeter confirm polarity?

If you have the board out, you can use a meter to check right on the board.

Some notes at:


I’m pretty sure there’s a photo showing the label on the Nomad power supply around (it also works for the Shapeoko).

Board is in an enclosure with a heat sink in between. I’d rather not remove it and there’s no access that I can see to the power pins on board while its in the case.

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Don’t see any reference to V out on the DIN. (left 2 pins negative / right 2 positive)??

Is the image at:



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If its accurate the green checkmark version doesn’t match the adapter so it sorta answers the question.

Looks like I am going to have to build my own. I found one adapter on Digikey that was correct, but min quantity 1000 ($4000). Dear Carbide: please STOP with the proprietary parts, particularly with electronics where the world has moved to open designs!

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Not sure of the specifics of the constraints there — we have some notes at: Shapeoko 3 - ShapeOko

and as noted, the power supply linked above will work, min. order quantity of 1.

I’d thought though that the last time this came up there was a source for these at either Digikey or Mouser in reasonable quantities.

This one?

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The constraints are to use barrel connectors like 90% of the available power supplies and to not use a 4 pin wiring configuration that is even more rare. For all its faults the Sparkfun board used a standard 24 barrel connector power supply. I found the one power supply that seems to be compatible and available but it takes two weeks with $10.00 shipping (on top of the $50 cost). I found a handful of adapter cables but they are all wired differently than the Carbide unit. I had Digikey on the phone trying to help me search their massive inventory and the only thing we found was what I mentioned (custom order min. 1000).

I would dump the Carbide controller for the Synthetos gShield (grblShield) V5 but it doesn’t have limit / homing near as I can tell

Well I bought a different model but essentially yes. I bought a 4 pin mini din solder-on inline (cable) end and a 2.1 mm female barrel end with a meter of 4 wire. I still have the power supply coming over on the boat but the adapter parts will come in about 3-4 days which is about 1-1/2 weeks before the whole supply is due.

Sure it does. Just not as convenient to wire.

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