Practical stuff...sure nice to have an SO3

(Ummm, not sure, but I’ll try...) #1

No big deal, just something that makes us appreciate our machines.

Just finished installing a transfer switch, prepping for the big one. The locking mechanism on our load panel has been inop since we bought the house, figured it was about time to fix it. Never know when some hood might turn off your power, right?

Fired up F360, drew up a “T”, stretching my design competency to the limit. Dug a chunk of 2.5 mm mystery aluminum out of the scrap pile. Tape/CA to the wasteboard and 10 minutes later had a solution to my problem.


(mikep) #2

I never seem to have enough of these “really practical” uses to help me justify cool toys like this!


(Dan Nelson) #3

I came up short one wooden dowel once while building some flat pack furniture. 3D printed a dowel, worked like a charm. Can’t remember which piece of furniture, or if we even still have it, but my guess is that it’s still working just fine. Cool when you can make something out of thin air when you’re in a bind instead of heading back to the store, or trying to call customer support and waiting for something to arrive in the snail mail.

Very nice solution!