PreciseBits Collet, Locknut and Wrench Holder for Pegboard

I designed and printed this because I got tired of chasing the nuts and collets across my messy bench. It is simple, but it works. PreciseBits Collet, Locknut and Wrench Holder for Pegboard


Nicely done, how long did that take to print?

Oh, a couple of hours. I think I started it and went to bed. Half of what I print is done while I am at work. The other half when I am sleeping.

That’s pretty cool! I’m always losing a collet or wrench, or something in my “mess”.

Question about the Precision Bits collets, did you buy the set as a unit or individual pieces? Reason I ask is it looks like the set only comes with one nut, did you buy the extras separately? I have the regular 1/4" and 1/8" collets that I initially bought with my machine, are you fairly happy with the upgraded collets? Did you buy the Precision, super precision, whichever type? Trying to justify spending more money :wink:




I bought this kit - description copied and pasted from the email back in March of 2015:

DEUP-0611-843KIT Dewalt 611 Ultra-Precision Collet Kit
(contains 1/8in. 1/4 in. & 3/16 in. UP collets, collet nut Talon spanner wrench,
calibration blank and 118 ml of ColletCare) $129.95.

It looks like they don’t offer the 3/16" collet anymore. To be fair though, I have only used it once so far, and that was because I had it that I even ordered the 3/16" shank end mill. Otherwise I would have just ordered a 1/4" shank end mill.

I lost my wrench, and I had to order another one (actually ordered two more so if I lost another I wouldn’t be dead in the water again), and while I was at it, I ordered two more collet nuts because I hated having to pull out the collet from the nut because I was changing the end mill sizes 2-3 times a day when I was making cribbage boards due to the specific order of operations. It was totally worth getting the extra collet nuts.

Also, I found my original wrench, so now I have three. . .:neutral_face:

I am definitely happy with the PreciseBits collets. I would also wholeheartedly recommend the SuperPID. That thing really makes adjusting the RPM of the Dewalt easy. Just turn the knob and see the readout on the display.

I am planning on upgrading to a water cooled spindle soon (within the year) and I will be looking for some quality ER20 collets.


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