PreciseBits Collet, Locknut and Wrench Holder for Pegboard

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I designed and printed this because I got tired of chasing the nuts and collets across my messy bench. It is simple, but it works. PreciseBits Collet, Locknut and Wrench Holder for Pegboard

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Nicely done, how long did that take to print?

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Oh, a couple of hours. I think I started it and went to bed. Half of what I print is done while I am at work. The other half when I am sleeping.

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That’s pretty cool! I’m always losing a collet or wrench, or something in my “mess”.

Question about the Precision Bits collets, did you buy the set as a unit or individual pieces? Reason I ask is it looks like the set only comes with one nut, did you buy the extras separately? I have the regular 1/4" and 1/8" collets that I initially bought with my machine, are you fairly happy with the upgraded collets? Did you buy the Precision, super precision, whichever type? Trying to justify spending more money :wink:



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I bought this kit - description copied and pasted from the email back in March of 2015:

DEUP-0611-843KIT Dewalt 611 Ultra-Precision Collet Kit
(contains 1/8in. 1/4 in. & 3/16 in. UP collets, collet nut Talon spanner wrench,
calibration blank and 118 ml of ColletCare) $129.95.

It looks like they don’t offer the 3/16" collet anymore. To be fair though, I have only used it once so far, and that was because I had it that I even ordered the 3/16" shank end mill. Otherwise I would have just ordered a 1/4" shank end mill.

I lost my wrench, and I had to order another one (actually ordered two more so if I lost another I wouldn’t be dead in the water again), and while I was at it, I ordered two more collet nuts because I hated having to pull out the collet from the nut because I was changing the end mill sizes 2-3 times a day when I was making cribbage boards due to the specific order of operations. It was totally worth getting the extra collet nuts.

Also, I found my original wrench, so now I have three. . .:neutral_face:

I am definitely happy with the PreciseBits collets. I would also wholeheartedly recommend the SuperPID. That thing really makes adjusting the RPM of the Dewalt easy. Just turn the knob and see the readout on the display.

I am planning on upgrading to a water cooled spindle soon (within the year) and I will be looking for some quality ER20 collets.

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