Precision 1/8 collet

I purchased the precision 1/8 and 1/4 collets from CC and while I have yet to use the 1/4, I am having a hard time getting the 1/8 out of the router (CC router). It will not move even with a bit in it sticking down and the lock nut completely removed.

My current method of removal is to use channel locks and get on just the edge of the collet and hold the spindle lock and turn. It drops out then, but not sure I like using this method.

Anyone else have this problem? If so, suggestion for removal?

I have the same problem with the 1/8 collet. It doesn’t happen all the time but often enough to be a problem. I also use a pair of plier to grab the top of the bit and pull down. I’ve also noticed that the collet is very tight when I try to slide the bit into it.
I have run some sandpaper on the collet shaft making it a little easier but I don’t want to do it too much.

The way the Makita/C3D collets work is the nut and collet are separate. When you tighten the collet nut up you are pushing the split collet up an inclined plane. The inclined plane is machined inside the router shaft. So when you loosen the collet nut the spring tension of the split collet is supposed to push the collet back down the inclined plane.

So when the collet wont come back down do not put a pair of pliers on it because you can scar the metal and make it worse.

Loosen the collet nut and use something like the plastic handle of a screw driver to tap on the collet nut. This should help the spring tension in the collet to push the collet down. DO NOT BEAT on t he collet nut simply tap on it to get the bit to release from the collet.

Inspect the collet. If you find burs polish them off but do not go crazy with the polishing. Put a towel below the router and spray the router shaft inside with brake cleaner to drying cleaner. Then use t he cleaner to clean the collet and nut. DO NOT LUBRICATE the collet and/or collet nut. They should be dry with no lube at all.

See if this helps. Over time saw dust can accumulate inside the router shaft and make the collet stick.

The Dewalt and other Porter Cable style collets have the collet attached to the collet nut. So when you loosen a PC style collet you get an area that is slack and then the collet nut gets harder to loosen and the collet is being dragged down the inclined plane. The Makita/C3D collet and nut are not attached like in a PC style collet.


I found a brush that looks like a mascara brush. It is clean, long, and flexible. I use this to clean the inside the router shaft. It also has fine enough bristles to clean the threads on the router.

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Thanks for all the response.
The collet is separate from the nut and while I always clean out any dust in the spindle and collet when I change bits, it is still very tight.

Not sure I want to grab ahold of the bit itself to pull it out. I have tried to do it via hand on the bit, but there is not movement at all.

Sounds like its just the way it is. No biggie, but just was wondering if anyone had the same challenge.

Thanks again

There are several places to get new collets but makes good precision collets. You can get both SAE and Metric. Here are the Makita/C3D collets

Makita Style Router Collets

Standard Collet for Makita Routers; RT700C, RT0700CX3, RT0701C, RP0900K, 3621, 3621A

Elaire Product Number Size Manufacturer Number Price
MRP-1181 3 mm MRP-1181 $24.50 Add to Cart
MRP-1250 1/8" N/A $24.50 Add to Cart
MRP-1575 4 mm N/A $24.50 Add to Cart
MRP-1875 3/16" N/A $24.50 Add to Cart
MRP-2362 6 mm N/A $24.50 Add to Cart
MRP-2500 1/4" 763637-1 $21.50 Add to Cart
MRP-3150 8 mm N/A $24.50 Add to Cart
MRP-SET Collet Set 1/8",3/16",1/4" N/A $63.50 Add to Cart
MRP-SETM Collet Set 4 mm, 6mm, 8mm N/A $63.50 Add to Cart

Dewalt Style Palm Router Collet

Dewalt Style Palm Router Collets

Collet for Dewalt Routers; DWP611, DWP611PK. Porter Cable 450 Type 1 and 450PK Type 1.

Elaire Product Number Size Manufacturer Number Price
DWP-1250 1/8" N/A $19.50 Add to Cart
DWP-1562 5/32" N/A $19.50 Add to Cart
DWP-1875 3/16" N/A $19.50 Add to Cart
DWP-2500 1/4" A24215SV $16.50 Add to Cart
DWP-3125 5/16" N/A $19.50 Add to Cart
DWP-1575 4 mm N/A $19.50 Add to Cart
DWP-2362 6 mm N/A $19.50 Add to Cart
DWP-3150 8 mm N/A $19.50 Add to Cart
DWP-SET Collet Set 1/8",3/16",1/4" N/A $49.95 Add to Cart
DWP-SETM Collet Set 6mm, 8mm N/A $35.50 Add to Cart

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