Preselected Feeds and Speeds

So I have a project using Fir wood which is classed as a softwood but is much harder than pine. The project requires the use of a 1/16 Flat Endmill and I am only cutting 0.1 Inches down. Additionally I will be cutting into the end grain not across the grain. I tend to use the preselected feeds and speeds for a given endmill for a given material. Should I use the hardwood settings or the softwood settings?

You didn’t say what machine you have. I am no expert on the other machines, but with a PRO the softwood settings will be more than fine. I was cutting a piece out of oak that I had tested out on pine first and forgot to change the material type before switching. It cut just fine and just for fun I upped the speed in carbide motion to see where it would affect the quality. CM limits the percentage increase. I didn’t hit a point were the quality was affected. I think the feeds and speeds that are set as a default are conservative even for the older machines.


Thank you! This really helps. I have the Shapeoko Pro XXL.