Preventing Corrosion?

I noticed some rust forming on the collet nut of my VFD spindle today, so I rubbed a really thin layer of way oil onto the nut, thread, and socket of the nut and spindle. It gets pretty humid where I live, 80% currently because of rain but usually averages at 60-70%, which is still pretty high.

I keep the ball screws and linear rails well oiled, so there’s no rust on them. My Shapeko lives in an enclosure and I’ll probably throw some silica gel containers to lower the overall humidity.

Is vactra way oil for the linear rails fine for the spindle and collet or should I be using something else?

It won’t do any harm, you would only need a very, very small amount


You could also install an industrial enclosure heater.
I have one in my gun safe, Stego brand, about 30W with built in thermostat set to keep temps between 19C° to 25C°.
It does a fine job of holding the moisture in check.
I also have a Cortec VCI emitter installed for added security.


I forgot that I also have one of these Silica canisters in the safe too.


In a previous life I did RV work, here is a trick to reduce humidity.

Get a pair of your Wife’s old nylons or yours. Cut a 12"ish tube out of the leg. Tie a knot in one end, pour in a hard ball ish size of Silica. Get a stick and tie open end to the middle of the stick. Then span the stick across the top of a pail or bucket so the silica is suspended in the middle of the bucket. place the bucket where you want to remove moisture. Cheap to make and works great. This is how I would winterize RVs.


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