Preview job limits

How about an option, maybe on thr jog screen, to preview thd job limits. The machine would raise to a safe height then move to the four corners of the job limits with a short pause at each corner. That would give us a chance to make sure that the stock is appropriate for the job. It may also let us know if any holddowns that should be outside of the cutting area are where they should be.


I’ve been using a laser for the past year and it has a trace perimeter function that I use almost every job.
I’ve been using CNCJS on a Raspberry Pi since I got my Shapeoko and wondered why on earth CNC’s didn’t offer this. I submitted a request to the CNCJS author and within a week he had it imminented in the next release. He actually took it a step further and set it up so that the trace perimeter function can be done in a macro. By using the macro you can set various parameters or run the trace in reverse or step through it. I don’t have a PC available to run Carbide’s software but I think it would be great if all of the CNC software had this feature.