Pricing a shapeoko XL with extras (Near Pittsburgh PA)

Due to some of the work we need to do in house, and some struggles with our Shapeoko, we just got a new machine in to replace it. Im going to list our XL up, but I have no idea on what we should be pricing it at. Machine has maybe 2 hours of cutting on it, and maybe 30 hours of being powered on at all after being left on one night.

Shapeoko 3XL (ordered 2019 Black friday)

  • Standard Z axis
  • Dewalt Router
  • Bitzero v1
  • Bitsetter
  • Precision collet set for dewalt router
  • 3d printed (PetG?) dust boot with brush

Ive also made a 1/4-20 based spoil board and some parts for hold downs to use with it, and can include some tooling, but most tooling we will still use with the new machine. Full disclosure, it has had an issue with the machine losing USB connection, that I have talked with support about, but we haven’t gotten past troubleshooting yet.

(Please excuse the mess of a shop, we were working on a vac table experiment before needing to clear the room for the new equipment coming in… I can fit probably 2 of these on the workbed of the new one)

Im willing to ship the unit, has anyone done that assembled? Did you crate it?

If anyone is curious, this is the new machine: