Printed a Makita adapter today

(Griff ) #1

Don’t ask me why but I ordered a Makita today, $99 on Amazon.

Then I went to the C3D to order the adapter they offer, $15, not bad. Then I saw shipping, $15, no cheaper choices. It’s against my principals to pay the same or more for shipping then for the item I’m buying.

Being a new 3D printer owner got me thinking. It’s just a split ring with a lip, maybe I can print one. So, drew a few circles in Fusion, extruded and split ‘em, exported as STL. Printed it with poly carbonate so it should be plenty strong and heat resistent. We’ll see.

(mikep) #2

Isn’t your machine relatively new? They include these adapters with every machine, at least for the past 2 years.

(Griff ) #3

My serial number is 1212. So no, not “new”. But getting better and better.

(Griff ) #4

Then I found this on Thingiverse, and printed it.

(William Adams) #5

Before the official adapter was available, and before I installed a 65mm mount I bought off eBay, I was making adapters out of a length of aluminum tubing — Imperial, so unfortunately not quite thick enough (came across a suitable metric material after I’d already placed the order).

I wish they’d do up a run of 65mm Carbide mounts.