Printed a Makita adapter today

Don’t ask me why but I ordered a Makita today, $99 on Amazon.

Then I went to the C3D to order the adapter they offer, $15, not bad. Then I saw shipping, $15, no cheaper choices. It’s against my principals to pay the same or more for shipping then for the item I’m buying.

Being a new 3D printer owner got me thinking. It’s just a split ring with a lip, maybe I can print one. So, drew a few circles in Fusion, extruded and split ‘em, exported as STL. Printed it with poly carbonate so it should be plenty strong and heat resistent. We’ll see.


Isn’t your machine relatively new? They include these adapters with every machine, at least for the past 2 years.

My serial number is 1212. So no, not “new”. But getting better and better.

Then I found this on Thingiverse, and printed it.


Before the official adapter was available, and before I installed a 65mm mount I bought off eBay, I was making adapters out of a length of aluminum tubing — Imperial, so unfortunately not quite thick enough (came across a suitable metric material after I’d already placed the order).

I wish they’d do up a run of 65mm Carbide mounts.