Printing/drawing with the Nomad

Random thought: if one attached a pen/pencil/marker to the collet, set the rpm to zero, and the actual Z so that the bottom of an engraving cut would be the surface of the stock (in this case, paper taped on to the table), one might be able to make some neat looking print-drawings. Like what these can do:

Or, again, in theory, a laser attachment could make this a laser cutter…

Again, not about to do this tomorrow! Just had to dump this somewhere to get it out of my head.

FWIW, the “Hello World” for the Shapeoko was to mount a pen or pencil and make a drawing:

and a couple of people have mounted lasers for cutting and engraving:

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It’s not a bad thought—I’m inclined to make a spring-mounted pen insert “tool” that can fit in the ER11 collet!

Lasercutter upgrade would be amazing.

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This is near the top of my wishlist too!

+1 To lassercutter whislist.