Pro 2x4 wasteboard slat design

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I’ve been playing around with a wasteboard slat idea for my 2x4 Shapeoko 5 Pro so I figured I’d start a thread to show some of the progress. If anyone has input or critiques I’d also appreciate that. The idea is to incorporate M6 threaded inserts and dog holes to help secure stock and help with my workflow. Nothing extremely new, just a variation of some designs I’ve seen. I’ll also be using 1" MDF so I can get some more surfacing passes out of these. Here’s the reasoning behind my design.

I really like using the essential clamps from C3D. Four on each corner is my usual go-to for most jobs. The issue I run into with the stock hybrid table is sometimes the t-track is out of reach by an inch or so, so I’m not able to get a clamp near the corner. I use a lot of pine board for signs or flags that of course have a slight bow to them. Rather than milling them down, I can use the clamps to flatten out the board which allows me to make nice pockets or vcarves. It’s important to be able to place clamps specifically where they are needed to accomplish this.

I thought it would be nice to have some threaded insert holes spread out around the wasteboard to help deal with this. I’m also using threaded inserts without a flange, so inserts could be added on the fly from the top of the slats if I needed one in a special location not included in my original file.

I also added some pockets along the bottom and left sides for the installation of bench dogs. This will allow me to have a removable fence system that allows me to keep my XY zero point constant, only needing to re-zero the Z axis. This works well for me because most of my material I work with is around 20"-24" square. If I need to use the full bed the dog can be removed and a new XY zero set.

Attached is my CC file if anyone’s interested. The mounting holes are spot on but the toolpaths are just quick examples in order to get a nice simulation for reference. So if you’re planning on using this be sure to double check everything and adjust accordingly.

I’ve cut out one set of these already and will be updating this post when I install them in a day or two. I hope this helps.

2x4 wasteboard sample.c2d (232 KB)

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Installed the new slats after work today and the fit was great. I also 3d printed some simple bench dogs out of PLA. Gotta print some more of those for sure. So far I’ve identified two changes I’m going to make:

1.) I’m going to add a couple more dog holes on the left side for small stock

2.) I’m going to move the bottom row of threaded inserts up about 2 inches. I fixed this in the file I posted but originally when I cut these I didn’t catch it. With these moved up a little bit I’ll be able to get a clamp pointing north to secure the bottom horizontal portion of stock when using the fence.

Next up will be running a flattening pass then I’ll put it through its paces with some projects.


I made the above revisions to the slat file and linked it below. I also added the particular tool paths that I used. File is setup for 3/4" MDF but I was able to find 1" and used that personally.

Of course feel free to edit the file whatever way you see fit. Included is a slat for vertical dogs, horizontal dogs, no dogs, and blank regular slats with only mounting holes. Included as well are vectors for the 2x4 hybrid table and slats without tool paths off to the side of the work area. I also added to Cut Rocket so it will be available there once approved.

I highly recommend the EZ-Lok threaded inserts without a flange. I went with M6 x 13mm version # 800610-13 and also get the installation tool #LOK-9000. It makes them so easy to install.

2x4 wasteboard slats.c2d (300 KB)


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If anyone’s interested I posted a video about this wasteboard/slat design on my YouTube channel. Check it out please if you’re interested and let me know what you think.

If you don’t feel like making these yourself and just want a spare set I’m also considering producing these 2x4 slats as a kit that I’ll sell on my online store. I’d make versions with the inserts/dog holes and also just plain slats. The major cost though is shipping, unfortunately that I can’t get around. I’m producing these in 1" Ultralight MDF so that does help with the weight though. Any interest in that?


Hey Brett,
Nice work on the above video as well as the review you did a while back.

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Thanks Kevin! That means a lot.