Pro 5 build and first 2 projects

Hey there. I recently upgraded from a small belt driven Foxalien machine to a pro5 4x4. Wow! What an upgrade. I’m a 5 axis machinist by trade and do hobby/ small business woodworking on the side. Now that I’ve got the machine built and a few projects cut i wanted to share and get more involved in the community page.

I went with the popular kreg 64x64 table with notched cross braces and maple ply top and shelf. Gym rubber flooring under machine.

Loaded up a 3d model for the first cut. 5"x10" curly maple. 1/4" down cut to rough. 1/32"R tapered ballmill to finish.

Jewelry boxes for the second project for my wife and 2 daughters. Curly maple engraved lids and walnut bottoms. Lots of steps and tools on these. Surfaced one side of the curly maple on the pro 5 before running through my planer. Engraved and profile cut, flipped, cut pocket and lip on lids. Then for the bottoms cut pockets, lip and profile. Then bandsaw and flushcut bit on router table to finish the profile I couldn’t reach with my longest endmill. Still need to add some edge profiles, sand, and finish.


Fantastic work and great post! Please continue to share your nice work! :blush:

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Absolutely beautiful! What bit did you use to get that kind of detail?

Thank you! I certainly will.

Are you referring to the 3d carving or the box engraving?

Lovely work. The jewelry boxes have a great combination of textures to them. The 3D carve is amazing.

Nice work! Do you have a picture of the 3D after CNC work and before sanding? How much sanding was needed after the 3D cut? What did you use to sand it so nice?
Again … great job!

Thank you very much!

Thank you. Those pictures are straight off the machine, well still on the machine technically. No sanding just brushed with a stiff nylon bristle brush.

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Oh sorry…the box. I’m not even close to be able to do the other one. Lol!

No worries. I used a 90° v-bit and a vbit carving toolpath. There’s many out there but I use a replaceable insert one from spetool.

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Thank you for getting back to me. I need to play with more designs like that. Well done!

Amazing work! Love it.

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Super awesome! I’m thinking about upgrading my 4 Pro to a 5 Pro….saving my pennies :slight_smile:

I absolutely love working with Curly Maple, it’s a real treat putting a finish on it.

Cheers :beers:!

I haven’t decided on a finish yet. My go to finish is spray lacquer but i’m thinking a simple oil or wax finish on the boxes. Also wanting to try lining the box compartments with flocking.

Watco dark walnut danish oil top coated with shellac looks really good on Walnut for things that don’t need protection from water. I have done many furniture products using that method.

Not sure about the maple though.

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Really nice work for your first 2 cuts. Can’t imagine how great your future cuts are going to be.

Thank you! I’m very happy to be able to take on more ambitious projects now that I upgraded from my other machine. I was too limited on depth of cuts and feed with my other machine, constantly worried about missed steps.

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Great work. Welcome to the club.

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Nice work it’s amazing what we can do with the tools available to us today. I also have the 5 pro don’t regret getting it for a minute. Have fun.

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