Pro 5 issues with ball screw

Having trouble with the first initialization of my Pro 5. Made it through the firmware upgrade, but now there is something wrong with my right y ball screw. It is jerking not spinning smoothly while the left was spins nicely. Checked the coupler and seems right. I’m stumped, so far no help from support after I sent pics and video


Did you look at the pins in the connector from the motor to the board. You should do that and verify all connectors are in the proper place on the board.


Just as a double-check, did you check both screws on each coupler on both sides?

Couplers look good, watched them as the gantry was moving. I’m pretty sure it’s a wire or bad motor. I did check to make sure the wires match up. I guess I could take the connections off the wires and put them back together, see if it’s one of the connectors

Watched them? It’s easy to check if they are tight and then you can firmly mark them off the list.

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Your right. I meant after I tightened them, I just wanted to make all was good there.

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So I am still fighting this. Carbide sent a new wiring harness but that did not help. I’m thinking maybe I have a bad step motor. When the machine is on, if I try to turn the ball screws by hand , the left one does not turn but I can move the right one, that does not seem right.

Did you try swapping left and right? It’ll move opposite direction, but that’ll tell you if it’s the stepper or not.


Thanks, I will give that a try

Switched them and it is still doing the jerking movement on the right. I am stumped. Maybe they need to send a new control box. Had this machine for a month and still can’t use it.

I’m not sure it will help but know you got to get it up and running. Could you post the video you sent to support or an updated one?

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Please update. Having similar/related issue.

I just looked at the video you sent in and it looks like a coupler problem because that very clearly seems to slip at the end of the video. I added a note on the ticket just to make sure they didn’t miss it.

In the mean time, I would finish the assembly of the Hybrid Table since that adds a lot of structure and rigidity to make the machine run well.

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My problem ended up being a bad controller. They sent a new one and that fixed that problem but still can’t get the bitsetter to work

I took the step motor completely off the right side(problem side) and initialized, and it ran smooth with just the left moving the gantry. Then did the same thing with them the opposite side and there was no power to the right stepper motor.

All three of my couplers needed snugging. Was able to get initialization. My issue may be resolved.

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