Pro Controller v3.0b documentation

Is there any documentation for the v3.0b board? I’d like to know all my options for accessing the PWM pin for my spindle.

There is no official documentation for it. The silkscreen will give you the answers you want.


@Luke What do you mean by

The silkscreen will give you the answers you want.

I have yet to finish my base and assemble my Shapeoko Pro, but have already been thinking of “accessories” I’d like to add/incorporate that will need to be switched on/off via the controller (via M/G code).

There is the portion on the bottom left of the board below the bit runner plug (opposite the power and USB side) that would require a push fit connector or soldering which is labeled as PWM and GRD or there is also the ICSP portion of the board with pins labeled on the attached photo.

Just a friendly disclaimer and forewarning though…adding any accessories not manufactured by Carbide 3D will void your warranty.