Pro Hybrid Table / Bed Mod for SO3XXL

Guess what just arrived…

After being hooked by the new bed of the Pro with it’s integrated T-tracks, which according to carbide3d can’t be retrofitted to my SO3XXL, I had to do something about it. So I designed it from scratch.

The stiffness is amazing. I’m looking forward to putting it into my machine. :wink: Before that I have to run some customer jobs though and can’t afford the downtime :crazy_face:

Edit: I just had to do it earlier so I used the Sunday for a screwing meditation…screwoooohhhmm.


Are you going to put mdf and/or t-tracks on top of the alum?

The bed has integrated T-tracks, that’s the clou. (See first picture)

It provides incredible stiffness. MDF stripes can be added by screwing down 4 screws per stripe for quick replacement.


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What do you call that material, some sort of c-channel? Did you have them drilled and cut for your application?

The new beds sure seem much more rigid and convenient to use.

It’s a casted aluminum made based on my designs / made to order (credits to c3d though as they had the idea)

Isn’t that very expensive in small quantities?

Did you mean Die Cast Aluminum? I couldn’t find anything on Casted Aluminum Extrusion. Then there is just Aluminum Extrusion.

Looks awesome!

Yea, it’s Die Cast Aluminum. I’m calling everything dimensional with a regular pattern extrusion. :rofl:

The price for the mold was surprisingly still affordable.

If you make a kit/mod to fit the SO3XXL, depending on price I may be interested.

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And this is how it looks like when it’s finished :grin:
Super solid, no bending of the tracks or the wood at all.

I’m very satisfied!


Where did you get this Die Casting mold made? I have 2 small parts that might suit being Die cast that can be finished on my CnC.

My afternoon now has a learn everything possible about Die Cast aluminum agenda THANKS!

I love learning new manufacturing techniques.


I’ve send you a PM. However I doubt it is cost efficient for just two parts.


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I have 2 different parts but I am looking for the most affordable way to mass produce them and some form of casting seems like a good option

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Ah, OK I misunderstood. I thought it’s just the two parts :wink:

In that case it might make sense.