Pro: Modeling: Ability to start at a specified Depth for roughing passes

Had a frustrating situation today…as my CA Glue hold down system failed during the middle of a 3 1/2 hour job. Luckily, the bit plunged into a waste area, and I did not lose any important parts. I was at a depth of about .45 of .75 - having run for over an hour into the job.

So I went to create a new job that would continue to do the same path, but start at a depth of .450 and continue to .75…which you can do on most toolpaths…however, I saw that the option to specify a start depth is not available for a Roughing toolpath! So I had to rerun the entire job and cut air for over an hour to get back to the fail point. Very frustrating.

So…my request: I know you’re in the process of rewriting the modeling interface — PLEASE make a start depth available on the modeling toolpaths (rough and finish).


  • Gary

A work-around for this would be to reduce the Stock Thickness by the thickness already cut away.

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I don’t think so, Will…because the stuff being cut is an imported STL and the width of the STL is fixed during the import…I’m not sure if it would be the right side of the bevels for depth anyway…top or bottom of the bevels will be effected by that?

We had a bug report on this a while back — the implemented behaviour is that even if a part is modeled at a given thickness:

If a 3D Roughing toolpath shows that thickness being cut:

but if one reduces the thickness to half, the 3D Roughing toolpath will adjust to match:

That’s an interesting idea…I’ll have to try it. Of course, I’d have to create a third job to do the finishing pass (with the correct height)…but that’s a smaller price to pay.

For now, I cut a lot of air and did something else for an hour and a half :frowning:

It would be great to have the feature, however.


  • Gary

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