Pro stopped mid job

Hello all, new to the forum but not shapeoko! Ive had a standard 3 for a couple years but with growth in my sales I upgraded to a pro xxl, and it is truly high throughput machine compared to my 3. I came across an issue today where my Pro stopped mid cut, Im familiar with USB disconnects and it was not this, I was able to stop the job in carbide motion and still control the machine perfectly. Carbide motion is up to date and I ran the job again and got past the point where it stopped previously, so it doesnt seem like a g code issue, any suggestions would be deeply appreciated. Im running carbide motion on a macbook air and cutting with a makita router, .25" downcut endmill, .25" DOC, .1" stepover, 100" in/min feedrate.

If you haven’t already, write in to

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