Pro upgrade renewal install

Renewed carbide create pro, received comfirmation and email with codes etc… I copied but It is not loading as expected? any ideas how to load or what ever. Thanks for any direction on this

you might need to change the format to look like this,

Name: Xxxx Xxxx
End: xxxx-xx-xx
Type: Xxxx xx Xxxxxxxx
Verify: xxxxxxxxx-xxx-xxx-xxxx-xxx
Version: xxx-xx
-----END LICENSE-----

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Thank you! got it now. that worked

Glad to help.

Fired up CM today and got an expired Pro message. I guess the 1 year free is expiring for a few people.

Mine will also expire in a week or so. I wonder if there is a senior discount… :slightly_smiling_face:

Write sales. I didn’t buy the pro because what I do does not require it. I will wait till I need it and buy it.

I did remove the expired lic file to keep from getting the warning every time I fired up cc.

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