Pro usage not working

I had create pro v4.17 then just updated as kept crashing. Now I can only use the trial so cannot save GCode. It’s probably me missing something simple here as it’s been a very very long day today.

There have been many builds since 417 - with many fixes and useful enhancements

the latest is 432 and can be downloaded here

don’t be put off by “unstable” - it is unlikely to give you problems . I have been using the last 10-15 builds with no problems

Th other thing is to keep your operating system up to date - People are increasing having issues with Widows 7 these days with newer software - but you might be ok…

But If you want to stay with 417 then C3D support will presumably help - although Will Adams almost always recommends you use the latest version from the link I gave.


Told you it had been a long day. I meant to say I’ve upgraded to latest build and it’s now not working in pro mode. I cant save my files.

The Pro functionality access times out every few weeks and you have to get a new key to re-enable it… This is so people can use it and test it for them and when it is officially released then you will have to pay to keep it working…


I forgot it is easy to do this yourself - and then ypu can save gcode again…



@DannyDog to download CC and then login in or create account here once logged in click the BLUE Button that says " Request Trial Code" Then click view after your request. BLUE Button once more to download the license file. Once in Carbide Create go to Help on top of screen. Select Register from menu. Load from file. And now select the License Key you just downloaded. Close CC and restart. You should now be able to save G CODE within CC PRO BETA


Cheers guys. You’ve all been such a help.

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