Pro XXL bitsetter crashing

Just received my Shapeoko Pro XXL and finished the assembly and the first part of initializing the machine. Get to setting up the bit setter and find issues. I opened the parameters so that the gantry goes over the bitsetter plate. When i run it to set up it runs the whole thing and hits the plate than continues to push down. I do not have any red light turning on with the bit setter, i have it plugged into the spot labeled “bitsetter”, opened my endplate and its all wired up correctly there as well.

Is my switch bad?
Saw ppl switching from bitsetter to bitzero. I have not done this.
Also no blue light on my power button.

Thanks for the help in advance

Please send photos showing how the BitSetter (and BitZero) are mounted and connected/where they are relative to the machine (incl. the ground lead if you have a BitZero) and how they are wired up.

Also send photos showing how the switch is mounted and wired up to and we’ll get this sorted out.