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Hi all,

Getting my first Shapeoko tomorrow and I have a question about the footprint. On the Carbide 3d website, it lists this: * Footprint: 50" (X), 42" (Y), 19" (Z). I’m most concerned with the Y axis for the enclosure I’m building. Does the 42" include the router and sweepy if they are jogged to the front of the table? In other words would they stick out over the table/footprint?

If so, can someone measure their setup front to back with the gantry all the way forward with the router and sweepy attached for me? Currently my design for my enclosure is 49" on the Y axis.



That is the size of MDF Sheet. If you don’t have an enclosure you are golden.

If you want to build an enclosure, you will want to attach the walls to the outside of the enclosure so you get the full 49” for the shapeoko and sweepy

This is the front and back, I have approx 2” in the back and .75” in front on a 49” MDF sheet

Thanks Brandon! I am building an enclosure and will take into account for the room needed for it.

And thanks so much for the pictures!

Be sure to make it taller than you think you need, and then some.


I have it at 36" with lots of plexiglass windows. Table is 34" off the ground.

Sounds good. My rule is now (on my third iteration of enclosure design) that it’s only tall enough if you can sit inside your enclosure and not bang your head.


Oh, so true. There are many on here with head injuries to prove it!


Just make sure AC/DC isn’t playing too, just to totally reduce the chance of headbanging.


I have SEVERAL head injuries to prove this! :laughing:

But make it bigger in the front that you think. My dust boot crashes into the door when I change tools or use the BitSetter. I have to open the two doors when that part comes along. Never even measures that part.


Been there, done that (mistake) :slight_smile:


Oh - another mistake I made, not making access panels for the sides. When it comes time to do maintenance - belts/wheels, etc., I have to basically destroy the enclosure.

Good news though is I can rebuilt it correctly. If you call that “good news”.

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I check that box too :slight_smile:
My hands still hurt from finding their way between the side rail and the enclosure for occasionnally re-tightening a vwheel. Curse words were produced.

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