Probe cycle error occuring

I’m getting a probe cycling error all of a sudden. When the machine moves over to touch the bitsetter it travels down about an inch or so, stops, and the probe error comes up and cancels the job. I’ve noticed that the red light is on prior to the operation, is that normal? Tried resetting, unplugging and nothing works. Your thoughts…

A lot of time the magnet on the BitZero is grounded and that causes a probing cycle error. So check where your magnet is located and not touching something grounded. The BitZero and BitSetter are connected and cause problems when probing the BitSetter.

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Thanks So Much! I’ve only had the machine a few days so how and where is the magnet your talking about. Sorry for my ignorance. Thanks

First off, do you have a BitZero?

There is a magnet on the end of one of the wires that you normally attach to the collet or bit when measuring your zeros, if that magnet touches the body of the BitZero, or any other grounded item, it can confuse the BitSetter.

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I have the long bitsetter that is attached to the x-axis. Does that help.

There are two things. The BitZero is what Michael gave a picture of. Not everyone has one but a lot do. The BitSetter is on the right front. The two devices have a common connection and if the magnet on the BitZero is touching ground then you get a probing error. If the magnet on the BitZero is not touching anything then simply resend your configuration. To do that power on Shapeoko and do not initialize. Go to Settings and the second tab usually shows up first. Check your BitSetter if it has been previously set up for location and go to the first tab and select your model and Z. The Z has two options. The LeadScrew one is the Z-Plus which is standard equipment on most Shapeoko. The other option is BallScrew which is the HDZ. Do not forget to Send Configuration. Then initialize and see if your probing error goes away. If not contact They will help you.

The most likely suspect as stated earlier is the magnet on a BitZero is touching something grounded or the BitZero itself.

Thanks for such a detailed response. To be clear, I only have the bitsetter on the right front. I’ll try to do a reset of the configuration and see if that works. Thanks again! Michael

If you only have the bitsetter and not the bitzero, I belive that you need to disable the bitzero in Carbide Motion. When I was starting out I remember someone telling me that the probe error comes from the bitzero side of things. (Someone please verify that for me)

Happy Cutting!

Thanks Rob, I put in a request into support, if I get a suitable answer I’ll post it.

The BitSetter and BitZero work fine together, and it’s not possible to disable the BitZero save by unplugging it — the only configuration for it selective v1 or v2.

They do use the same input, so having the ground lead touch the BitZero will interfere w/ the BitSetter functioning.

Michael mentioned that he does not have the BitZero, that was why I was curious if there was a way to disable. The error he is getting was the same as I had starting out, but mine was due to the magnet on the BitZero being grounded to something while trying to use the BitSetter.

Okay all you COLD weather CNC’ers I solved the probe error and passed it on the Carbide Team.

Response to Team Carbide:

Low and behold, here’s a factoid to pass on the the Carbide Team, before doing what you recommended I went to the shop and took out my heat gun put it on a low setting and pointed it at the sensor button for about 5 min(it was 45 degrees in the shop) THE RED LIGHT went out!!! I then tested the bitsetter NO PROBING CYCLE ERROR and it functioned properly. Who would of guessed. There was one comment that mentioned this but I did not take it seriously.

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The cold bite of Jack Frost. He likes to nip us when least expected. I live in East Texas where today it was about 50 degrees F so in the big scheme of cold weather that is not cold but is miserable to me. I heat my shop with a 2 burner propane stove and that is costing a fortune with the higher price of propane refilling. I meant to buy an electric heater in the spring when they went on clearance but forgot. Luckily I have a 30 amp 220v plug I use for my bandsaw available to plug in the electric heater. Will have to start looking for one. However I just transfer the expense of propane to the electric bill. I think the electric heater may be cheaper to run in the long run.

Something like this. Maybe not this one but one with a remote control and thermostat.

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